Industrial Services & Equipment in Everett, Washington

Shaffer Crane And Equipment Inc provides crane rental services in Everett, Washington and surrounding areas to give businesses the tools they need to finish their construction jobs.

Crane Rental Services

The most prominent function of our company comes in the form of our crane rental services. Whether you require a crane with rigging and crew, or just the crane itself, our goal is to satisfy your needs.

Industrial Construction Services

Industrial and commercial professionals depend on us to assist them in their construction work. We provide a variety of industrial construction services, including structural steel and sign erection, marine construction, and equipment transport and hoisting.
Architectural building - Crane Rental Services in Everett, Washington

Industrial Maintenance Services

Our expert staff is ready and waiting to provide you with the industrial maintenance services that you require. We place great emphasis on the quality of our work. We always make sure that we are serving you to the very best of our abilities.
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